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  • Message for National President-VS Pathak
    Thanks for giving the support & donation for the education & health check up of poor children, construction...

  • Children Education Though the no literate people in India has increased over the years, in India has the largest number of uneducated children in the world...

  • Efforts to Save the Historical
    Local tradition still speaks of the struggle and the conquest of this area & this area belong to Rajat Virat, who according to...

Our Mission

What we will do

Children Education, Hospital, Old Age & Orphanage home for disabled child, training Centre for Girls, Widow & unemployed Youth, Gosala Temple and Help for Mariage of Weaker section girls, Aids Control, Dharamsala & All other kind of...

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Our Work

What we worked

We had organized various welfare and social activites for public welfare i.e free medical camps, free computer education for students and women awareness camps etc. We are planning to start the hospital...

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Message from VS Pathak

We had started free computer education programs for all the students in Mauli Jagran Complex with latest technology and advanced syllabus.

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  • Donation

    Income Tax Exemption on Donations (NGO) under Section 80 G of Income Tax Department (Govt of India) & Please make the donation as much as possible to Support the Efforts of UPWA.

  • Gosala

    It is everyone's responsibility to ensure that cattle shelters and animal welfare organizations are adequately funded and supported. One's donations will be used to care for the cattles rescued from the slaughter houses and other cruel situations.

  • Public Construction

    This temple is dedicated to God Hanuman & Vindhyawasini (Vindyachal) Devi. This temple started for poor peoples of the society but construction is uncompleted due to lack of resources and your donation qualifes as tax deduction.

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